To file a formal complaint regarding a solar business, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions about this process or SEIA's consumer protection efforts writ large, please email

The SEIA Solar Business Code and further information about SEIA's Complaint Resolution Process can be found at

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SEIA has authority only over those companies that are members or were members at the time of the alleged violation of the Code. SEIA cannot and will not provide you with legal advice and that your action taken through the Process does not prevent you from seeking other legal remedies available to you. I also understand that SEIA has the right not to pursue action under any complaint at its sole judgment. I understand that the Process is not an arbitration process.

I also authorize the release to SEIA, SEIA Ethics Committee, SEIA Executive Committee, SEIA General Counsel, SEIA Officers, SEIA local affiliates, and the Respondent of all information relating to this Complaint and which is in the care, control, or possession of the Respondent or related parties for the purpose of processing this Complaint.

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